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Please note that Stoneycroft Medical Centre closes at 1pm last Thursday of every month except August and December for staff meeting & training purpose The Practice will be closed for Easter (29th March & 1st April), Xmas (25th & 26th December) and other bank holidays in England. If you are short of medications or would like to order your meds please allow 2 working days (48 working hours) to process your order in time.

PATCHS is an online service that allows you to quickly and easily access GP services. Answer a few simple questions and PATCHS will get you the help you need. PATCHS is only available during surgery hours. 

To access PATCHS please click on the banner below.  


Pharmacy FirstPatients in Liverpool can now get prescription medicines for certain conditions direct from a local pharmacy.

Pharmacy First is a convenient new NHS service that is now available across the city. It allows people to walk …

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Contact your doctor online
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